Every Nation Toronto kick off the Fall with The Unshakables


Every Nation Toronto kick off the Fall with The Unshakables

Every Nation Toronto is one of many churches kicking off this Fall with The Unshakables.

Here's why:

"As the teaching pastor at our church, I love preaching and the process of coming up with creative sermon series and small group material for our church. But let me tell you why we chose to use The Unshakables material starting in September.

September is one of the most important and strategic times of the year for us. The school year kicks off, we relaunch our small groups and a whole host of other key activities.

It’s a busy time. And we want it to be a fruitful time. 

By having 12 weeks worth of quality sermon outlines, small group material and professionally-designed media taken care of, The Unshakables means we have more time to stay focused on engaging and connecting people during this key time of year.

The Unshakables also provides a great way to engage seekers wanting to know more about the Christian faith all the while grounding longtime believers in the foundations of the faith. 

We can’t wait to get started with The Unshakables!"

– Richard Kidger, Teaching Pastor


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