Church leaders around the world are using The Unshakables. Here's why:

1. Focus on Foundations

The Unshakables is a teaching series that will help you teach your Church the foundational truths of the biblical worldview in 12 weeks. Weekly themes include The Unshakable Story (The Gospel), The Unshakable Surrender (Repentance), and The Unshakable Church.

Watch Adam Mabry kick-off The Unshakables at Aletheia Church (Boston)

2. Engage and Establish

The Unshakables was designed to facilitate worship experiences that both engage seekers and unbelievers, whilst further establishing believers in their knowledge, faith and application of God's word.

Watch Chris Zauner kick-off The Unshakables at Mosaic Church of Eugene

3. Accountability and Application

The Unshakables moves beyond Sunday with small group discussion guides, discounts on "The Purple Book" daily personal bible study tool, scripture memory smartphone backgrounds, all conveniently included in the Church Package.

Listen to The Unshakables on the Shellharbour Community Church Podcast

The Unshakables was created by church planters with 20–40% of every sale funding ministry. Watch this video to learn more.